Surveillance Camera 1.0
Free webcam surveillance solution for Windows, uses DirectX video sources to create snapshots based on motion detection or a given...
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XOBS Drum kit 3.0 stereo
New 3.0 stereo version of the drum kit. Download samples or Reason Refill. Also samples have been pre-processed for better sound. Refill...
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Camera slider, Arduino
Camera slider works for time-lapse recording (slow paused interval), and for real-time recording (faster smooth movement). Moving area...
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Simple walking robot
Purpose of this Arduino-project was testing if it was possible to make it walk by having only one axis at each leg. After a few...
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TMotionDetector, Delphi
The motion detector is used to detect motion and lightness from webcam, video frames and more... By feeding frames into the...
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Resistor colors and values
Table of common resistor colors and values of resistors in range 10 Ohm to 6,8 MOhm.

Simple walking robot A year ago
Purpose of this Arduino-project was testing if it was possible to make it walk by having only one axis at each leg. After a few attempts it succeded, and the simple robot was able to walk, using four nails as legs attached to four small servo-motors, controlled by an Arduino. On top an extra servo was added with a Sharp IR distance-sensor attached to it. It was programmed to do kind of a "radar scan" once in a while, to avoid obsticles, and then choose the best direction to continue walking...

LED Show 5x5 leds+relays, Arduino A year ago
LED+relay show, different fun 5x5 patterns/animations controlled from an Arduino Mega board via USB cable. BC547 NPN for 5 VDC and BD136 PNP transistors for 12 volt switching mounted on testboard.

A transistor is basically an electronic switch. Used for analog and digital purpose, and works for both DC and AC power. Mosfets is certainly best for heavier loads while regular transistors can be used for smaller loads.

Making RJ45 network cables
Connecting wires of a network cable. Connect between different networking equipment. Making a Straight-through cable (Used between PC and switch/hub/modem),- or Making a Crossover cable (Used between PC and PC/router/uplink-port). 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s, and 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gbit/s) networks.

Rubik's Cube: A simple beginners solution
A simple beginners solution of the Rubik's Cube. There is many ways to solve the Rubiks Cube. This description sees the cube as three layers: top, middle and bottom.

Small circuits
Small circuits

Delphi programming
Delphi components and examples.

Commodore 64
Information about the classic Commodore 64 computer. Basic-programming examples, data types, numbers up to 16 bit, colors and display, input keyboard and joystick, sound, waveforms, and musical notes.

Large 4WD robot vehicle 24 VDC for outdoor use Four years ago
Robotic vehicle, 24 VDC, 2x400W 22A motors. First goal was it should carry heavy things like cases of beer or a person. The greatest challenge was building the motor control. So far the solution is using mosfet transistors for regulating the motor speed....

LPT and relay-board circuits Six years ago
Before we had the Arduino to control electronics from a PC through USB, I used to build some LPT-based circuits. Today it is easier to just use an Arduino for robotic projects and small circuits. Still it was fun to explore the LPT port, and programming LPT in Delphi...

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