Surveillance Camera 1.0
Free webcam surveillance solution for Windows, uses DirectX video sources to create snapshots based on motion detection or a given...
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XOBS Drum kit 3.0 stereo
New 3.0 stereo version of the drum kit. Download samples or Reason Refill. Also samples have been pre-processed for better sound. Refill...
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TMotionDetector, Delphi
The motion detector is used to detect motion and lightness from webcam, video frames and more... By feeding frames into the...
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Windows 7 stuff Almost a year ago
Tweaks and setup for Windows 7

Resistor colors and values
Table of common resistor colors and values of resistors in range 10 Ohm to 6,8 MOhm.

A transistor is basically an electronic switch. Used for analog and digital purpose, and works for both DC and AC power. Mosfets is certainly best for heavier loads while regular transistors can be used for smaller loads.

Rubik's Cube: A simple beginners solution
A simple beginners solution of the Rubik's Cube. There is many ways to solve the Rubiks Cube. This description sees the cube as three layers: top, middle and bottom.

Delphi programming
Delphi components and examples.

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