Monday, Oct 14 Week 42

MIDI BeatBox 1.0

A programmable MIDI drum machine with a 16 step sequencer and trigger pads.
Can load/save patches and playback on your default MIDI device,-
or could send the data to a midi interface or instrument.

(1.25 Mb)
, Downloads: 80


The display shows selected MIDI-device name,- current file (patch),-
selected MIDI-instrument (drum kit),- and current note / mouse hover info.
Below display is buttons to load/save and to select previous/next patch,-
and buttons to start/stop playback,- and buttons to select pattern direction.
Can choose to run forwards, reverse, up/down or random notes of the pattern.

Effects etc.

To the right side of the display is the MIDI-ECHO effect and Metronome click.
The MIDI-ECHO sends extra MIDI-notes to the output, simulating an echo effect.
For this effect to work you must turn up the FX-level for each pad,-
which is located on top of the mute buttons of each step in the sequencer.
For example could only activate the echo effect on kick+snare or as desired.
Can also adjust the delay resolution, master level and decay for the effect.
The metronome click can be enabled, and can choose which MIDI-voice to use.

Tempo, channel and instrument

Below the metronome click is rotaries to adjust tempo,- MIDI-channel,-
and selected MIDI-instrument (drum-kit).
Check the display while changing parameters to see the name.

Available drum-kits (General MIDI)

0 Standard Kit
8 Room Kit
16 Power Kit
24 Electronic Kit
25 TR-808 Kit
32 Jazz Kit
40 Brush Kit
48 Orchestra Kit
56 SFX Kit

Patterns, pads and steps

In the top right side of the program is the pattern selector.
First select a pattern, then click a drum-pad below to load the step sequencer.
After a pad is selected, program the steps of that pad in the sequencer.
Below the step sequencer is also volume faders and assigned key for each 16 pads.
Change the assigned key (drum) and see the icon changes in the related pad.
Same thing applies to fills (fill in, A, B, and Fill Out).
Click a fill-button to re-program it in the step sequencer...
During playback fills will be played and then it returns to the previous pattern.
Can also copy a pad+steps and paste it into another using menu or Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V.
Also can choose to enable Auto-pattern and fills, so it will toggle automatically.

Selecting MIDI devices

Open the Settings-window and double-click on the devices to enable/disable them.

Drums / key values (General MIDI)

24 Sequencer click
25 Brush tap
26 Brush swirl
27 Brush slap
28 Brush swirl attack
29 Snare roll
30 Castanet
31 Snare soft
32 Drum stick
33 Kick 3
34 Snare rim 2
35 Kick 2
36 Kick 1
37 Snare rim
38 Snare 1
39 Hand clap
40 Snare 2
41 Tom 6 (Low tom 2)
42 Closed hi-hat
43 Tom 5 (Low tom 1)
44 Pedal hi-hat
45 Tom 4 (Mid tom 2)
46 Open hi-hat
47 Tom 3 (Mid tom 1)
48 Tom 2 (High tom 2)
49 Crash cymbal 1
50 Tom 1 (High tom 1)
51 Ride cymbal 1
52 Chinese cymbal
53 Ride cymbal cup (bell)
54 Tambourine
55 Splash cymbal
56 Cowbell
57 Crash cymbal 2
58 Vibraslap
59 Ride cymbal 2
60 Bongo high
61 Bongo low
62 Mute high conga
63 Open high conga
64 Low conga
65 Timbale high
66 Timbale low
67 Agogo high
68 Agogo low
69 Cabasa
70 Maracas
71 Whistle short
72 Whistle long
73 Guiro short
74 Guiro long
75 Claves
76 High wood block
77 Low wood block
78 Cuica mute
79 Cuica open
80 Triangle mute
81 Triangle open
82 Shaker
83 Jingle bell (Sleigh bell)
84 Bell tree
85 Sequencer click

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