Monday, Oct 14 Week 42

Learn how to play piano songs and enjoy the program playing MIDI-files on the screen keyboard.
Using the mouse will trigger the musical notes of the keyboard.
Setup up midi out (in the main window) if you want to hear the music, and setup midi in, if
you want to connect your keyboard or other MIDI equipment to the program.
Choose a MIDI-file and press play.
Use the previous and next buttons to select neighbour file from the current folder.

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While playing try adjusting the transpose, octave and velocity in the MIDI file window.
Then you will hear and see different notes being pressed.

Mixer window

Use the Mixer window to real time monitor the midi file playback.
Click the colored labels to choose the selected instrument for each midi channel.

You can solo/mute the individual MIDI channels, and adjust the Volume using the fader, and
adjust the Pan, Balance, Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel, Expression and Sustain pedal for each channel.
Also adjusting the Velocity knob will boost the incomming MIDI signal in the range -64..63.
Hold down CTRL when clicking a fader or a knob to reset it to it's initial position.

In the options window, select what MIDI-channels to show on the piano window,-
and respond to using the mouse.

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