Monday, Oct 14 Week 42
QClean is easy to use, and it is also possible, to modify the included .INI-file,-
if you want to add more undesired processes, files or folders.

You can add a lot of help files, samples like audio/video, PDF-files, even shortcuts and so..
This is nice after reinstalling Windows and all your default programs,-
and you want to remove certain unnecessary/undesired files and samples,-
that are included by many programs.


Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2K

(422.03 Kb)
, Downloads: 774

Undesired processes

As seen in the program interface, the number of running processes is shown to the left,-
and the number of undesired processes is shown to the right.
Below is two lists of those processes. Click Terminate processes now to try terminate them.
Use the checkbox to automatically terminate processes as soon as they open.

Undesired files/folders

In the bottom part of the program, it is possible to scan the computer for undesired files.
Simply click Scan, and wait a few seconds.
When it is done, then click Delete all to delete the found files from the computer.
Doing this is on your own risk.
You should take a look at the INI-file, for customizing the files to scan for.
Nothing is deleted until Delete all is pressed.

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