Monday, Oct 14 Week 42

Table of common resistor colors in range 10 Ohm to 6,8 MOhm.

10 Ohm Brown Brown Black 10r
15 Ohm Brown Green Black 15r
22 Ohm Red Red Black 22r
33 Ohm Orange Orange Black 33r
47 Ohm Yellow Purple Black 47r
68 Ohm Purple Gray Black 68r
100 Ohm Brown Brown Brown 100r
150 Ohm Brown Green Brown 150r
220 Ohm Red Red Brown 220r
330 Ohm Orange Orange Brown 330r
470 Ohm Yellow Purple Brown 470r
680 Ohm Purple Gray Brown 680r
1.0 K-Ohm Brown Brown Red 1k
1.5 K-Ohm Brown Green Red 1k5
2.2 K-Ohm Red Red Red 2k2
3.3 K-Ohm Orange Orange Red 3k3
4.7 K-Ohm Yellow Purple Red 4k7
6.8 K-Ohm Purple Gray Red 6k8
10 K-Ohm Brown Brown Orange 10k
15 K-Ohm Brown Green Orange 15k
22 K-Ohm Red Red Orange 22k
33 K-Ohm Orange Orange Orange 33k
47 K-Ohm Yellow Purple Orange 47k
68 K-Ohm Purple Gray Orange 68k
100 K-Ohm Brown Brown Yellow 100k
150 K-Ohm Brown Green Yellow 150k
220 K-Ohm Red Red Yellow 220k
330 K-Ohm Orange Orange Yellow 330k
470 K-Ohm Yellow Purple Yellow 470k
680 K-Ohm Purple Gray Yellow 680k
1.0 M-Ohm Brown Brown Green 1m
1.5 M-Ohm Brown Green Green 1m5
2.2 M-Ohm Red Red Green 2m2
3.3 M-Ohm Orange Orange Green 3m3
4.7 M-Ohm Yellow Purple Green 4m7
6.8 M-Ohm Purple Gray Green 6m8

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