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Robotics & electronics

Robotic projects, electronic circuits, pc stuff and games etc.

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Various transistors and how to use them
Created four years ago
A simple beginners solution to The Rubik's Cube. Starting with a cross, then corners in the top layer. After that middle blocks in second layer. Finally cross and corners in the bottom layer.
Updated ten months ago
Table of common resistor colors in range 10 Ohm to 6,8 MOhm.
Created three years and a half ago
Large robotic vehicle for outdoor use. 2x 24 VDC electric scooter motors (400 watt) controlled by an Arduino Mega board and a remote controller. Motor controller made from MOSFET transistors and relays. Sprockets and chains from pocket bike/mini crosser.
Created five years and a half ago
A very simple four-legged walking robot using servos and an Arduino board
Created a year ago
Making RJ45 cables
Created four years ago
Before we had the Arduino to control electronics from a PC through USB, I used to build some LPT-based circuits. Today it is easier to just use an Arduino for robotic projects and small circuits. Still it was fun to explore the LPT port, and programming
Updated three years and a half ago

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