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Updated eight months ago

A simple beginners solution of the Rubiks Cube

There is many ways to solve the Rubiks Cube.
This description sees the cube as three layers: top, middle and bottom.

As seen in the images above, all six center-blocks is attached to each other.
Remember these blocks can not be exchanged...

The cube can be solved this way

1. Choose a color to solve first.
2. Make a cross by solving four edge-blocks in the top layer.
3. Solve the four remaining corner-blocks in the top layer.
4. Solve the four edge-blocks in the middle layer.
5. If needed, Solve the cross in the bottom layer.
6. If needed, Replace the four corner-blocks in the bottom layer.
7. If needed, Turn/flip the four last corner-blocks in the bottom layer.

Note: It may happen that a step is already solved. Just go to the next step...


green is normally attached to blue
white is normally attached to yellow
red is normally attached to orange

Twelve different ways to move on the cube

01 front (Left) 02 front (Right) 03 left (Up) 04 left (Down)
05 right (Up) 06 right (Down) 07 top (Left) 08 top (Right)
09 bottom (Left) 10 bottom (Right) 11 bottom (Right x2) 12 front (Right x2)

Solving the top layer (layer 1)

First layer - Top cross

The cross is made by solving the four edge-blocks as shown in the image. Remember that the colors has to match the static center-blocks... Use the unused bottom layer to move and turn blocks needed in the top. When the cross is made, the four remaining corner-blocks must be solved (top layer).

First layer - Top corners

The top layer is solved when the cross and the four top corner-blocks is solved. The image shows the blocks that has to match the center-blocks. As seen the colors matches the center-blocks in the top and middle layer.

Solving the middle layer (layer 2)

Use the following two ways to replace the four edge-blocks needed- for having solved the middle layer of the cube.

Replacing the right edge-block

Insert the middle block from the bottom in the right side (solved layer up)

Replacing the left edge-block

Insert the middle block from the bottom in the left side (solved layer up)

Solving the bottom layer (layer 3)

Cross in the bottom layer

Unsolved layer up (bottom layer up) X = Being turned / flipped.  O = Being replaced.

Replacing the four last corner-blocks (if needed)

Unsolved layer up (bottom layer up)

Turning / flipping the last corner-blocks (if needed)

Unsolved layer up (bottom layer up)

Turn/Move the top on to the next corner that has to be flipped.

Morten B. S.
---------> Good Luck :)


Rubiks Cube by Georges Helm
Rubiks Cube
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