Monday, Oct 14 Week 42

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Information about Delphi versions. Click any Delphi version below to see more information. You can also see different icons from each version. Delphi 1 was for 16-Bit platforms, and aimed for Windows 3.11 &Windows 95 operating systems. Delphi 2 supported design of 32-Bit applications, and Delphi 4 was the last version supporting 16-Bit. Packages was introduced at Delphi 3. Indy component libraries was included with Delphi 6 until Delphi 2010. When create a new VCL-forms project and only dropping a single

Borland Delphi 5, 32-Bit, 1999, VER130. Product: Delphi 5 Platform: 32-Bit Release year: 1999 Compiler version: VER130 (13) Indy: not included Packages: supported Blank project executable size: 292.00 Kb Indy components is not included until Delphi 6 Windows® 95 Windows® 98 Windows® XP