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Information about Delphi versions. Click any Delphi version below to see more information. You can also see different icons from each version. Delphi 1 was for 16-Bit platforms, and aimed for Windows 3.11 &Windows 95 operating systems. Delphi 2 supported design of 32-Bit applications, and Delphi 4 was the last version supporting 16-Bit. Packages was introduced at Delphi 3. Indy component libraries was included with Delphi 6 until Delphi 2010. When create a new VCL-forms project and only dropping a single

Motion detector component for Delphi. The motion detector is used to detect motion and lightness from webcam, video frames and more... By feeding frames into the component, it defines the value and lightness parameters that can be read. Optional 8-Bit mask of motion can be enabled, and drawn on the image. It has sensivity and tolerance that can be adjusted to optimize performance and excluding background noise. 2013, November: Version 1.2 2012, July: Version 1.1 2012, February: Version 1.0 Support of

Simple and reliable thread-based timers for Delphi. The TBpmTimer has one single event for timer impulse, and the TTempoTimer has two events, also one for impulse off. Both timers has a bpm-parameter for built in conversion between milli-seconds and beats per minute. The TBpmTimer thread sleeps a given amount of time "mSecs" while the TTempoTimer thread sleeps one millisecond, and then counts when to synchronize the on and off events... Each kind of timer has its own thread descendant. Borland Delphi 5

Source code examples for Delphi

TLedPanel component for Delphi. TLedPanel component for Delphi is simple and easy to use. A small demo project is included in the archive

Delphi: Use TLabel as link to a web site (URL). Create new label on the form, and doubleclick on it to create OnClick event. uses windows,shellApi,forms; function launchUrl(url:ansiString;h:THandle=INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE):boolean; begin if h=INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE then h:=application.handle; result:=shellExecuteA(h,'open',pAnsiChar(url),nil,nil,SW_NORMAL)>0; end; procedure TForm1.Label1Click(Sender: TObject); begin launchUrl('') end;

Simple fader and rotary components for Delphi. Simple fader and rotary component for Delphi. unit faderRotary; interface uses windows,classes,controls,graphics,messages; {$R faderRotary.dcr} type TSimpleEvent = procedure of object;//no arguments TStateEvent = procedure(sender:TObject;user:boolean) of object; TVsEvent = procedure(e:byte;x,y:longInt;key:byte;sender:TObject) of object; //--------------------------|---------------------|-----------------------|-------------------------0 then

Pages about file formats and how to read/write files in Delphi. Various file headers and structures with examples.. Pages about file formats and how to read/write files in Delphi. Various file headers and structures with examples

Color conversion and image formats in Delphi. In this document several image formats and color palettes are listed. Also some examples of converting between these formats and RGB 24-Bit color. Grayscale and color formats and also palettes related to old computers and systems... type pRgb = ^TRgb; TRgb = packed record b,g,r:byte end; //RGB 24-Bit Lookup tables (arrays) can replace some calculations and speed up the process... const LUT_2BIT_TO_8BIT:array[0..3] of byte=(0,$55,$AA,$FF);

Showing no. 1 to 9 of 9 items