Monday, Oct 14 Week 42

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Technics sx-KN1600 keyboard samples and refill. 61 Keys with touch sensivity, Aftertouch, 256 Voice patches, 13 Drum kits, 128 Style patches, Pitch wheel, Modulation wheel, Ribbon controller, Transpose: -7..+7, Cutoff filter, Resonance filter, Reverb effect, Delay effect, Chorus effect, Dual voice, Arpeggiator, Digital drawbar, Mic. input, Line out, Headphones, Sustain pedal, Midi in, Midi out, Midi control, Built-in speakers, Display backlight, Weight: 11.3 Kg Use the sx-KN1600 in your own music

Robotic projects, electronic circuits, pc stuff and games etc.. Robotic projects, electronic circuits, pc stuff and games etc

Commodore 64 information and programming examples. Using 5.25" diskettes or tape cassettes, mostly game-programs were loaded into it's 64 Kb - of memory. The program was run by it's ~1 MHz processor, to a TV or monitor at 320x200 - pixels and 16 colors (8:5 aspect). Multiple commands can be separated in a single call with a colon. Variable names should not be longer than 2 characters... String variable names is extended by "$", and integer names is extended by "%". I%=2047 HB=INT(I%/256) LB=I%-(HB*256)

Commodore 64 synthsizer samples and refill for Propellerhead Reason. The Commodore 64 synth is a refill for Propellerhead Reason. Contains playable waveforms and drum-kit samples from the C64 computer, inside NNXT and Combinator patches. The refill also contains a collection of sound effects from C64 games and another collection of C64 sound effects made within Reason. Mix between Triangle, Sawtooth, Square and Noise waveforms from the Commodore 64. Contained in a NNXT inside a Combinator for playback on

Color conversion and image formats in Delphi. In this document several image formats and color palettes are listed. Also some examples of converting between these formats and RGB 24-Bit color. Grayscale and color formats and also palettes related to old computers and systems... type pRgb = ^TRgb; TRgb = packed record b,g,r:byte end; //RGB 24-Bit Lookup tables (arrays) can replace some calculations and speed up the process... const LUT_2BIT_TO_8BIT:array[0..3] of byte=(0,$55,$AA,$FF);

Showing no. 1 to 5 of 5 items