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Various transistors and how to use them. A transistor is basically an electronic switch. Used for analog and digital purpose, and works for both DC and AC power. Mosfets is certainly best for heavier loads while regular transistors can be used for smaller loads. NPN-transistors reacts to positive and opens for negative current, and PNP-transistors reacts to negative and opens for positive current. Transistors are widely used to convert voltages, and to invert between plus and minus when needed.

Scan pc for undesired files and close undesired running processes. QClean is easy to use, and it is also possible, to modify the included .INI-file,- if you want to add more undesired processes, files or folders. You can add a lot of help files, samples like audio/video, PDF-files, even shortcuts and so.. This is nice after reinstalling Windows and all your default programs,- and you want to remove certain unnecessary/undesired files and samples,- that are included by many programs. Windows 7, Vista, XP,