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Surveillance Camera 1.0

Free webcam surveillance solution for Windows.
Uses DirectX video sources to create snapshots based on motion detection or a given interval.
Additional features is included, such as motion feed that crops out small images around the motion.
Camera control window with multiple parameters to adjust camera.
Also some CPU processing options is available from this window.

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• Motion detector Detects motion from camera frames.
• Motion rectangle Rectangle surrounding overall motion in the image.
• Exclude mask and black area Manually draw area to exclude or make black.
• Motion feed window Watch cropped motion snapshots flowing throgh this window.
• Camera control Control camera parameters from this window.
• CPU effects Access CPU effects from camera control window.
• Digital zoom Extends camera zoom if even has any.
• Snapshots and timelapse Configure snapshots in settings window.
• Auto-restart frozen cameras Restarts camera if image frozen due to bad connection.
• Performance stats and motion graph Shows information on the camera frame.
• Camera list window Useful for multiple cameras.
• Full-screen Full screen mode.
• English and Danish language Select language from Tools-menu.


Program runs best on dual-core or better. Requires Windows NT or newer.
Use performance stats to monitor if the program performs well on your system.
No installation needed.
Put the exe-file in a static folder along with the settings-file it automatically creates,
and put a shortcut to it in your startup folder, if you want it to start with Windows.

Starting up program for the first time

When program is first started, go to the Settings-window and select a Library-folder.
Then add cameras from menu, and open the camera control window.
After that you can enable the motion detector, and then revisit the Settings-window to configure behaviour.
Choose view-mode (1/4/6/9 cameras view) from the toolbar or in the menu.
Look in the menu to learn shortcut keys.

Motion detector

When motion detector is enabled then a number of different features becomes available.
Mainly the snapshot feature that allows saving frames to the library.
Also other features like Auto-restart frozen camera needs motion detector to be enabled.

Motion visualization

Select motion visualization from the settings window.
• None - - Nothing is shown on the frame.
• Full mask Pen Red, 8-Bit Full mask with black background.
• Motion Pen Red, 8-Bit Motion painted on the frame.
• New motion Pen Red, 8-Bit New motion only, since last frame.
• Brush Brush Yellow/Red, 8-Bit Motion brush painted on the frame.
• Full brush Brush Yellow/Red, 8-Bit Motion brush with black background.

Motion rectangle

Enable the overall motion rectangle in the settings window.
It draws a rectangle around the motion, and darkens the rest of the camera frame shown in the display.
The motion rectangle is not visible to clients, and is not visible on saved frames to the library.
Instead use the motion-feed feature to save images cropped from the motion.

Excluded- and black area tool

Excluded area / ignored zone (motion detector)

To exlude an area of a static camera, select the exclude area-tool from the toolbar and manually draw places in the image to be ignored by the motion detector. This is useful for trees or other things disturbing the motion detector.

Black area / hidden zone (local display)

Like the excluded area as described above, the Black area is used to hide certain areas of a static camera. The motion detector wont respond to motion in this area. To make an area of a static camera black, select the black area-tool from the toolbar and manually draw places in the image to become hidden.

Click Draws the area to the mask.
Ctrl+click Clears the area from the mask.
Right click Toggle between rectangle and circle brush.
Ctrl+mouse wheel Change size of brush.

Motion feed window

This feature allows displaying the few most recent snapshots taken from the motion.
When new motion occurs new snapshots will be added to this window, and old ones being removed.
These snapshots can be saved also to the library if desired.

Camera control

Main parameters needs to be supported by the camera, and changing would affect the motion detector.
CPU effect parameters affects only local display, not the motion detector.
Use ctrl+click on a fader/rotary to set it to the default value.

Camera control parameters

ID Name Title Minimum Maximum
1 BRIGHTNESS Brightness 0 % 100 %
2 CONTRAST Contrast 0 % 100 %
3 HUE Hue 0 % 100 %
4 SATURATION Saturation 0 % 100 %
5 SHARPNESS Sharpness 0 % 100 %
6 GAMMA Gamma 0 % 100 %
7 WHITEBALANCE White balance 0 % 100 %
8 BACKLIGHT Backlight compensation 0 % 100 %
9 GAIN Gain 0 % 100 %
10 ZOOM Zoom 0 % 100 %
11 FOCUS Focus 0 % 100 %
12 EXPOSURE Exposure 0 % 100 %
13 APERTURE Iris / aperture 0 % 100 %
14 PAN Pan 0 % 100 %
15 TILT Tilt 0 % 100 %
16 ROLL Roll 0 % 100 %
17 CPU_BRIGHTNESS CPU-FX: Brightness -100 % 100 %
18 CPU_CONTRAST CPU-FX: Contrast -100 % 100 %
19 CPU_SATURATION CPU-FX: Saturation -100 % 100 %
20 CPU_WHITES CPU-FX: Whites amount -100 % 100 %
21 CPU_BLACKS CPU-FX: Blacks amount -100 % 100 %
22 CPU_INVERT CPU-FX: Invert color 0 % 100 %
23 CPU_REDS CPU-FX: Reds amount -100 % 100 %
24 CPU_GREENS CPU-FX: Greens amount -100 % 100 %
25 CPU_BLUES CPU-FX: Blues amount -100 % 100 %

Digital zoom

Zoom and navigate the local display by selecting move-tool from the toolbar.
Navigate by dragging image with the mouse, and zoom using the mouse-wheel.
Reset zoom and position by selecting: Zoom to original size.

Snapshots and timelapse

Snapshots can be saved based on motion and/or a given interval.
Use option to automatically delete folders in library older than a given time.

Method Interval save file Library size Contains
Continous snapshots 2 sec, always Very large Entire frame
Motion frame Motion detector Moderate Entire frame
Motion rectangle Motion detector Small Cropped rectangle
Timelapse snapshots Custom Varies Entire frame

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