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WebCam Recorder 2.0

Easily record videos from webcam to a file or make time-lapse using the built-in feature.
Live change camera parameters from the camera control window such as focus and exposure.


• Record to file
• Live preview
• Camera control window
• Camera selector window
• Time-lapse window
• Preferences window
• English and Danish language

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Microsoft Windows

How to use it

First open the Settings window and select folders for recording video and time-lapse photos.
After that, open the Camera Preferences window and select the webcam video+audio input.
Choose video size and bit rate, audio resolution and audio channels.
Finally start the camera by pressing the play button on the main toolbar.
To record video hit the record button, and it will stay pressed until clicked again.
To make timelapses open the timelapse window, select format and settings, then press start.

Updates since version 1.0

• Fixes issue on multiple monitors causing bad preview size
• Added Camera selector window
• Added Camera control window
• Added Preferences window
• Added time-lapse feature
• Removed preferences from main window
• Dark theme

Camera preferences

Open the camera preferences capture device selector window to select webcam video and audio input.
Choose format and video size from the camera's supported options.
Specify a maximum frame rate for previewing (only).
Below select audio input device and format.

Camera control

Open the camera control window to change camera parameters in real-time.
For example disable auto-focus and set it manually, or change exposure and contrast settings.

Time-lapse feature

Open the time-lapse window to save photos to disk on an interval.
Check the recommended manual camera settings to disable auto exposure, auto white balance and
auto-focus to make sure settings is not changing automatically while recording a time-lapse sequence.
Also consider using minimum contrast/sharpness if you plan to retouch it manually in post-production.
Choose between image formats: Jpeg, PNG (lossless) and Bitmap (lossless) and use options below to
set JPEG quality and PNG compression (speed).

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