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XOBS Drum-Kit 3.0 stereo, Pearl BLX, free samples and refill

XOBS Drumkit version 3, Stereo samples from the Pearl BLX drum kit, recorded by MBS.
In this version samples are now pre-processed (rumble frequencies filtered out),-
so requires less real time processing and a faster process of equalizing in the mix.
Refill is optimized for Reason 7/newer and also supported by other versions...

Hear the samples

Check out some of my music to hear the samples in use....


(12.65 Mb)
, Downloads: 1.686

Drum kit parts

Pearl BLX bassdrum, snare and tom's. Paiste Formula 602 hat.
Two Zildjian crash cymbals, a Pearl ride cymbal, and a Pearl splash cymbal.
With samples of both pedals for kick and both drumsticks on the snare for realism.


Each drum element was recorded separately to minimize noise from the other drums.
Also multiple samples for soft/hard hit and different ways of hitting the drums.
Good quality equipment used for recording the samples. (RME Fireface 800)

Kick (Bass drum): Pearl BLX Bass drum • Left pedal • Right pedal • Inside microphone
Snare: Pearl Free Floating System • Tightened / Not tightened • With dampening ring / Without dampening ring • Left + Right drumstick, Rim hit
Hihat: Paiste Formula 602 • Left + Right drumstick, Pedal • Hat cymbal crash, ride & cup hit • Half / fully opened
Tom 1 (high): Pearl BLX, high tom • Left + Right drumstick
Tom 2 (mid): Pearl BLX, middle tom • Left + Right drumstick
Tom 3 (low): Pearl BLX, low tom • Left + Right drumstick
Tom 4 (floor): Pearl BLX, floor tom • Left + Right drumstick
Crash cymbal 1: Zildjian Thin Crash cymbal, 14" 36 cm • Crash, Cup hit • Inner + outer hit • Short hit (Damped by hand)
Crash cymbal 2: Zildjian Thin Crash cymbal, 16" 40 cm • Crash, Cup hit • Inner + outer hit • Short hit (Damped by hand)
Ride cymbal: Pearl Turkish Ride cymbal, 22" 56 cm • Crash, Cup hit • Inner + outer hit • Short hit (Damped by hand)
Splash cymbal: Pearl Wild 900 China Splash cymbal, 10" 25 cm • Crash, Cup hit • Inner + outer hit • Short hit (Damped by hand)


Wikipedia: Formula 602 series, made from B20 bronze, first released in 1957.
These cymbals have a dedicated group of fans. Many examples of the heavier types still exist.


Using the XOBS 3.0 drum kit with Propellerhead Reason

Download the refill or samples, and load the included patches into a combinator.
After that trigger the samples by a midi-keyboard or sequencer.
Tweak the knobs and buttons to adjust the sound. Toggle between tightened/not snare,-
and put/remove the snare damper ring - just by pressing the buttons on the combinator or controller.
There also is a button for toggle between half opened/fully opened hi-hat.
Of course we can also add samples manually to a Kong Drum Designer or a Redrum Drum Machine.

Optimized for Reason 7 or newer (refill patches)

Before XOBS 3.0, the combinator patches had some effects built into them.
As we now have the SSL mixer in Reason, we no longer want that...
Instead patches is set up in a way that makes it easy to use spider-audio splitters
included with the patches, to route each drum part to seperate mixer channels in Reason.
Still using NN-XT sampler inside the combinators, doing the job perfectly.
Recommended to create following mixer channels and route elements to them:
kick, snare, hat, cymbal, tom, other.

NN-XT/Combinator MIDI-keyboard assignments (old 2.0 version)

As seen below different ways of hitting the drums is assigned to separate keys.
There is different ways of hitting the cymbals,- left+right drumsticks for drums,
and also left+right pedal for the kick.

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